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We are very pleased to have this web site to show you the steps necessary to clean your carpets and upholstery the correct way.

Read on to see photos and full explanations about the Four steps to cleaner carpet, or you can view this short video of the method as well.  We know you will agree that this environmentally safe method of cleaning is the most thorough, and we have made it affordable.


First step to cleaner carpet and upholstery!

  • Upon inspection of carpet, all spots and traffic areas are pre-treated insuring that we will have a fighting chance to make your fabric spotless.
  • Depending on what types of fabric we are cleaning, we select the right solutions for the job.
  • When you get to the (Step Five) of this tutorial, check out the photos of these spots from a sick dog, and you won't believe the difference.

Second step to cleaner carpet and upholstery!

  • Carpet is gently shampooed using our exclusive "non-penetration" foam.  Without saturating the carpet this foam effectively traps and holds the dirt released during scrubbing...
  • We (DO NOT) believe in steam cleaning companies that advertise extremely low prices and by the time there done you spend "two to three" times what you would have spent using our services.
  • They rely on an emulsifier to heat up the solutions over 200 degrees (which can damage) and melt the glues that keep the fibers together on the backing of the carpet, and shooting it into your carpets at 500 PSI only pushes the dirt deeper into the carpet which can cause pre-mature wear.

Third step to cleaner carpet and upholstery!

  • The "non-penetrating" foam is easily extracted from the carpet.  With only a light rinse, the carpet is subject to a minimal amount of moisture.
  • We use this same method of cleaning for upholstery, (only smaller hand held tools).
  • We clean any kind of fabric including (wool, Indian, Persian) rugs.

Forth step to cleaner carpet and upholstery!

  • During our final phase, the carpet is thoroughly raked, separating the pile to speed the drying time.
  • Carpet usually dries within 10 to 12 hours, depending on how dirty it was.  Extremely soiled carpet will take longer to dry.
  • We offer 3m Brand Scotch Guard fabric protector to our customers for a minimal charge.

It doesn't get any better than this!

  • We have walked you through step by step from pre-treating to raking and Scotch Guarding your carpet.
  • The only thing you have yet to do is pick up the phone and call us to schedule to have your carpet or upholstery cleaned in a manner that will please you.
  • We are hard working and honest.

Other Services Available:

  • Permanent pet odor removal
  • Carpet Dying
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Tile and Hard Wood floor cleaning, buffing, polishing, sealing.

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